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Valla Rod Run 2017

2017 will be the 41st anniversary of the Valla Rod Run.

The run dates for 2017 will be:

         Sunday 24th September 2017 to Saturday 30th September 2017

NSW Street Rod Run Number 4-240917Y

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Valla Accommodation Email Enquires


The theme for Valla this year is "South of the Border ".  

We will be having the Shoebox Swap meet again so bring along a shoebox full of bits to sell or swap.

We will also be running the Billycart derby at Bowraville again, so start working on your carts. The Billycart rules are set out below.  

This year we have a new game for adults and kids alike, Belt Sander Racing. Look up Belt Sander Racing on YouTube to see what we mean.  

Belt Sander Racing Rules

Sander requirements.  

  1. All sanders must run on standard 240volt power.

  2. All sanders must use an unmodified factory manufactured sanding belt.

  3. Sanders cannot be more than 600 mm in length.

  4. Track guides and wheelie bars or outrigging is allowed and encouraged to keep the sanders centered in the track.

  5. No modifications or substitutions may be made to the mechanical or electrical components.

  6. Non-functional decorations are allowed and encouraged. Dress them up, be creative.

 Track Specifications.

  1. All racers will run on an approximately 225 mm wide track.

  2. Track will be approximately 15 metres long.

  3. Trackside walls will be approximately 40 mm above racing floor.

  4. The Sanders will drag race side by side.

  5. Each Racer will be responsible for the connecting of power lead before each race.

  6. The use of a piece of tape to hold lead together is allowed.  

Billycart Derby Rules

  1. Helmets are compulsory and are to be of Australia Standards.

  2. Protective clothing (long pants and long sleeves) compulsory.

  3. Leather gloves are to be worn.

  4. Billy carts to be homemade of either wood or steel and be of sound construction.

  5. Maximum weight of billy cart is 60 kilograms.

  6. No glass windscreens.

  7. Billy cart must have brakes.

  8. Steering can be rope or steering wheel. Steering wheels are not to be made of wood.

  9. Minimum of three wheels.

  10. No automotive (car) wheels.

  11. Wheels not to have sharp protrusions.

  12. Spoke wheels must have spoke coverings to prevent finger injury, i.e. moon disks, plastic plates, etc.

  13. Wheels to be secured by either split pin or Nylock nut.

  14. No attachment of devices to aid starting or propulsion.

  15. Only one rider per billycart.

See you all then.